Mesa en Restaurante Maitia

Cancellation policy

Can I modify my reservation?

YES, as long as you do so with the necessary time requested in the cancellation policy: 24 or 48 h depending on the number of diner guests. If you want to increase the number of guests, you can do so until the day of the reservation, provided there is enough space available. If by wanting to increase the number of guests, and not being possible due to lack of availability, the table is cancelled the cancellation policy will be applied.

When is my reservation confirmed?

When making your online booking, you must enter the data of your credit/debit card along with your personal data, and the system will proceed with the validation process.
Once the booking has been validated, you will receive an email or SMS of pre-confirmation. Before the date of your booking, you will receive a second email or SMS that will allow you to directly confirm the booking or to cancel it.