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Edurne tasting menu

“To study cooking in France was the big step in my professional training. In my Basque and Castilian family tradition, I learned the rudiments of what I am able to do in my kitchen. I don`t forget the love that I felt for the good culinary doing of Catalonia: life took me to live a good part of my youth in the unmatched Costa Brava, where years later I could work with my friend Jaume Subirós, the Motel Restaurant´s Chef.

In Paris, and in other places all around sweet France, I finally could live my dream of devoting myself to be a professional cooker. Not only I learned “le metier”: curiosity led me far beyond and as long as my student’s pocket allowed me I dived myself me with the quality of a large number of restaurants and bistros.

By then, in France, the nouvelle cuisine of Bocusse and Guérard had overcome with their great successes in the presentation and in the search for the necessary lightness of the recipes, something that allowed the extension of the so-called “Tasting Menu”.

An excess of mixtures and flavours? Lack of authenticity?

For years – the load of my Basque side was and is preponderant – I have resisted to that possibility, but without completely closing myself to its enormous possibilities. Clients and friends, especially one shot travellers, ask me to offer them the opportunity to try in a single meal a wider range of my recipes.

But the main thing has been to ponder it with my team. In them I have found enthusiasm for the idea, so why not? Their positive and open spirit has surprised me, and the result is this Tasting Menu that I have wanted to baptize with the name of my beloved mother, Edurne

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Edurne tasting Menu is composed by Appetizer, Three Starters + Fish + Meat + Dessert.

€ 80 price per person. (VAT included)
It is served at full table.

Spanish Wines Pairing 40 € price per person. (VAT included)
It does not include digestives.