Mesa en Restaurante Maitia

Welcome to Maitia

Maitia is a restaurant of creative cuisine that makes of the high cuisine a fusion between art and culture.

“For me everything that enhances beauty is an art. In a world that is often marked by ugliness and degradation, my daily work is an invitation to rediscover the way of beauty in the kitchen. But beauty is not an end in itself; we must harmonize it with constant work, training, initiative and, why not, with imagination. ”

The French thinker Marc Augé described Maitia-style restaurants as places where you can take your own time. “Given the today’s obsession with instantaneity and haste, the existence of the bistro is a form of resistance; it is a mezzanine outside the walls, an ex-tension of home outside home, but without yet reaching the street (in Elegy of the Bistrot) “

Detalles de Maitia
Ricón del restuarante Maitia con una mesa para cuatro

Our chef

Covadonga de la Rica

“My name is Covadonga de la Rica Aranguren and cooking is my passion. After obtaining “Le Grand Diplôme Le Cordon Bleu” in Pa-ris, I have continued learning the best cuisine working with renow-ned chefs such as Luis Irizar, Jaume Subirós, Ricardo Idiáquez, Ángel Paracuellos or Juanmari Arzak and doing stages in restau-rants like Le Toit de Passy, Duquesnoy, The Empordà Motel or Chomin.

I have taught haute cuisine in various Spanish private schools such as Telva, Alambique, Cayenne, The Frying Pan of the Corde-lería, Anafe, Pepper and Salt, La Cocina de Bea and Chef Bleu.

With this baggage I opened the signature restaurant Maitia in 2011: a special restaurant in the center of Madrid, with few tables and a clear and cozy atmosphere where you can eat the best seasonal product with author’s signature.

My own desire for the best creative cuisine is always service orien-ted and accompanied by sincere friendship.”

Chef Covadonga de la Rica Aranguren

Menu of

Appetizer, Entry, Main Dish & dessert

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€ 55 per person. Non-fractional.
Closed price, VAT included. Drinks not included.


Appetizer, Three Starters + Fish + Meat + Dessert.

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€ 80 price per person. (VAT included)
It is served at full table.

Spanish Wines Pairing 40 € price per person. (VAT included)
It does not include digestives.


• Cava
• Champagne
• White
• Rosé
• Red

• Liquors

Corking service € 25 per bottle. (VAT included)

Part of the decoration of Maitia


Vegetarian diet

Do not forget to comment on its particularities when making the booking, specifying your diet’s details, such as, whether or not you consume dairy products, eggs and honey, and everything you consider relevant.

Allergies and food Intolerances.

We adapt our Maitia Menu and the Edurne Tasting Menu for people with allergies and intolerances.

Dress code

Sports clothing and footwear, as well as shorts are not allowed.


Maitia’s Lounge: single and square table from 8 to 12 people
Sopelana’s Lounge: A round table for up to 6 people and another rectangular table for up to 4 people.

For groups over 18 people we close our bistro, Maitia, for you.


Given the characteristics of our restaurant, and due to the lack of space, Maitia is not an ideal place for children, where they could enjoy themselves. It is such the case for babies and small children who use a stroller: Unfortunately we lack space to locate them pro-perly.

Public transport

Our restaurant is located in the Hispano-America neighborhood, which has a very good Metro, Bus and Taxi service, as well as services form Cabify and Uber (among other companies).
Metro Madrid: Colombia, lines 8 and 9.
Bus: lines 7, 16, 29, 51 and 14.
Taxi Stops:
Calle Serrano, 211 / Calle Infanta Mª Teresa
Príncipe de Vergara Street 267 / Colombia Street

Car Park

In the green and blue areas or in the nearest parking lot, Calle Oru-ro 6 - "Parking Polis" - 130 meters from Maitia.


Pets are not allowed, with the sole exception of guide dogs. In this case, please inform us when making the reservation.

Payiment facilities

We accept the main credit / debit cards and cash.

Official bill

We will send it to you by email with complete tax information.

“I think there will always be restaurants of all kinds. Restaurants to eat fast and without expectations. And other restaurants, more special, that share beauty and that know-how tradition, knowing how to behave and knowing how to be, what I think are the key to that tradition.”

(Jaume Subirós, The Motel Restaurant, Figueres)

Mesa de Maitia


Information & bookings

Find us at

Calle Trueba y Fernández, 16, 28016 Madrid (Hispano-America neighborhood)

(+34) 911 723 140

Kitchen Schedule (One shift per service)

From Tuesday to Thursday
From 13:30 to 15:30
From 20:30 to 22:30

From 13:30 to 15:30
From 20:00 to 22:30

From 20:00 to 22:30

Weekly closing

Sundays and Mondays.

Annual closure

Three weeks in August and in Easter.


At our signature restaurant, Maitia, we want to offer all our clients the best experience. We are a small restaurant in the center of Madrid and given that we just have seven tables, with a maximum of 16 to 20 guests per service, any last minute change by the client affects us negatively, preventing us from reallocating places, as well as having to assume the cost that supposes an absent client; for this reason we have launched a new booking system with a cancellation policy.

ONLY IN CASE of cancelling the reservation less than 24 or 48 hours before the meal -depending on the number of guests- the Cancellation Policy will apply: € 40 per person (VAT included).

For this reason we request your card number, the expiration date and the verification code when making your booking.

We want to point out that with our cancellation policy we always apply common sense and we treat each person with "eyes wide open" and taking into account their circumstances.

For any question, write an email:
Or call Maitia:
(+34) 911 723 140